Nano Reef Clean Up Crew


The Brown Shrimp or Amphipod

Firstly, it’s been a few days/weeks since I posted. Work etc, you know how it is. So, I have finally established what these little Brown Shrimp are in my sump: Amphipods. It took a while but I got there, and as I suspected, they are good thing. Why? They are classe
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Bubble Tip Anemone Suicide Watch

Length in Nano Reef Tank 13 Days Bubble Tip Anemone Suicide Watch Ended After: 6 Days 2 Hours The problem with anemone is that they do not have a brain and therefore have no perception (although some people might say that having a brain¬†doesn’t give you perception!).
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Kent Nano Reef Tank Day 10

Nano Reef Tank Day 10

Nano Tank Daily Report First of all, sorry for the reflection of my sofa in the left of the picture. As I only write about a day after the day is done I did not notice and the first rule of Nano Reef Tank is that a picture of the reef has to be from the day in the diary. The
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