Nano Reef Tank Setup

Kent Nano Reef Day 150

Nano Reef Tank Day 150

Nano Reef Tank Daily Report: Day 150 Mostly 150 days of high points with a only a few low points: Nano Reef Tank Day 150 Slide Show Bad stuff aside – I’m still happy but the housekeeping needs to be tightened up and if I had been extra vigilant I could have possibly
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Kent Nano Reef Tank

Nano Reef Tank Day 125

Nano Tank Daily Report: Day 125 After the unfortunate death of my Green Bubble Tip Anemone, I decided that because of my Nano Reef set up with the two powerheads positioned as they are it might be wise to maybe steer clear of anemones for a while. I need to fill the rock space a
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Royal Gramma Basslet - Gramma Loreto

Royal Gramma Basslet (Gramma loreto)

Length in Nano Reef Tank Type, Care and Requirements Minimum Tank Size: 30 gallons (I have gone against this) Care Level: Easy Temperament: Peaceful but can be territorial over its caves and some specimens will chase off other fish Reef Compatible: Yes Water Conditions: 72-78° F,
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Kent Nano Reef Tank Day 10

Nano Reef Tank Day 10

Nano Tank Daily Report First of all, sorry for the reflection of my sofa in the left of the picture. As I only write about a day after the day is done I did not notice and the first rule of Nano Reef Tank is that a picture of the reef has to be from the day in the diary. The
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Kent Nano Reef Tank Day 7 Friday

Nano Reef Tank Day 7

[header 2]Tank Daily Round Up[/header] [columns divider] [/columns] [columns divider] [/columns] [header 5]What is it?[/header] [columns divider] [/columns]
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Fiji Live Rock Rubble and Live Blue Rock Rubble in sump

Nano Reef Tank Day 2 part b

As standard, the Kent Nano Reef comes with the usual assortment of media: plastic ‘bio’ balls, ceramics, activated carbon and two filter sponges. All of which should be put into the sump chambers with the protein skimmer finishing the process. [header 1]Nano Reef
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Kent Nano Reef Tank Day 2

Nano Reef Tank Day 2

Really good result with tank clarity overnight but the temperature seems to be an issue as it’s risen to 28.9C (84.02F). It seems to fluctuate by .4 degrees (I’m measuring with a BiOrb digital thermometer). Have to say I’m not impressed with the interpet heater
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Nano Reef Tank Day 1

Live sand bed and de-ionised RO water (SG 1025ppm) put in tank. Reef constructed using 10kg of live Fiji rock into a semi-horseshoe shape. Temperature seems to be stabilising at 28.2 C (00F). Tank looks cloudy (see image), as expected. No tests on water apart from SG as it is too
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