nano reef tank water change

Kent Nano Reef Day 150

Nano Reef Tank Day 150

Nano Reef Tank Daily Report: Day 150 Mostly 150 days of high points with a only a few low points: Nano Reef Tank Day 150 Slide Show Bad stuff aside – I’m still happy but the housekeeping needs to be tightened up and if I had been extra vigilant I could have possibly
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Nano Reef Tank Day 100

Nano Tank Daily Report: Day 100 Things are looking great. Although I did have a scare on 3 days ago when I saw a white spot on the Flame Hawkfish. Rushed and bought a bottle of Waterlife Cuprazin to begin treatment. Considered buying a support tank to control the infection and
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Nano Reef Tank Day 16 Saturday

Nano Reef Tank Day 16

Nano Tank Daily Report Caught the 2 Nassarius Vibex snails doing the rounds this morning and they look like they have grown already. I’m starting to get a little niggled over the hair algae in the tank. The CUC are not really making a dent in it and I’m going to start
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